Being  sick and off my new routine for the last couple of days makes me feel like I have blown it.   That is my black and white thinking;  it has to 100% perfect or it is not good.  Yet as we go day to day, there will be many situations that can throw us to make us  feel like we have to go to square one. There is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is if you don’t go back to square one!


The thought of shrimp, green salad,  and string cheese really did not appeal to me today.  I carried about The 100 book with me  and modified the food from what was printed on the page.

My goals for this weekend: get feeling 100%, go to the Farmer’s Market, and try another new recipe. I am looking forward to using coconut flour in my cooking.  Another new thing!

I have to kick back a bit to get myself feeling well. It took awhile for me to put those pounds on.  It will take a little while to get them off.  Having “life” come and throw me off for a few days is no biggie as long as when I return to “Go” I get ready to roll again and move forward. After all, there are lots of good things in store for us as we move ahead.  Stay the course.


Let’s go on the ride together, and get on Cruise Control!






Monopoly and Racecar are registered trademarks of Parker Bros.


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